The 20th - 2013


  • Came back to Malaysia from Korea after spending 11 days there (MAD IN LOVE WITH KOREA!!)

  • Visited younger bro who's in NS @ Banting. The only one in the family who was lucky enough to be chosen to join this camp ;p

  • Went to catch Ashin and Monster @ Paradigm with Cathssy and XingTi - got rock zone tickets all thanks to my 2 crazy friends! 

  • My 20th birthday! Surprise and awkward pre-celebration when I asked them out to distribute souvenirs to them (gosh, I actually wrote 19th and just realized it after few times of scrolling through)

  • Almost an annual gathering thingy with them two girls for my birthday hehe! (because JJ is always busy pursuing her dream as a lawyer)

  • Gathered with Kai Yan who's back from Sabah! Dr Chuay in the making. They insisted to get me a cake although my birthday was over for like 5 days, so sweet :')

  • Argued with my sis cause she got this as my birthday present. I asked her whether I should buy this limited edition in Korea but she said 'no'. Then, *TAAADAAA* she got this for me, with Jungshin at the back cover (which is not my bias). That's not the main point because I've already got the normal edition hence I don't need this. Went back to change to few other awesome albums. Anyway, I love you sis :3

  • Brought sis for Jogoya dinner because I had special discount on my birthday month. Driving, paying, everything was one me hehehe. Sisterhoods can never me measured with money :3

  • Met the college girls before Chinese New Year! Not everyone's there but it's so good seeing them again :')

  • There my favourite festival - Chinese New Year

  • CNY trip to Koh Samui with family. It was such a wonderful place, very peaceful, and the hotel that we stayed in had the best and most comfortable bed (still missing it now). I love holidays @ beaches! (younger bro was unable to join due to his national service, pity bro)

  • Went to send Jeen Vern off to Korea with these 3 monkeys via KLIA transit

  • Mayday's concert once again after 3 years! 

  • Scout AJK'10/11 gathering @ malam kebudayaan, school camp.

  • Celebrated Thong's birthday with the 2 dearest

  •  Spontaneous Phuket (yes, Thailand again!) trip with 3 lovelies! Had to rush 2 assignments for this trip but it's totally worth it! Sipadan island was wayyyyyy too beautiful!

  • Partayyyyy @ Monash featuring Goldfish and Blink 

  • New laptop sponsored by parents and sis. I love my familyyyyy!

  • Malaysian tsunami 2013 

  • Went to queue for CNBLUE's concert tickets. Yes, it's CNBLUE!!! They're finally coming to Malaysia after skipping this 'sweet potato land' for few times. Words could not describe how excited I was (it's on my bucket list!) Oh we reached the venue late, the queue was soooooo long that I didn't manage to get the tickets I wanted. Really felt like crying...

  • K-pop Dream Concert @ Genting. Free rock zone tickets yo! Got to see BTOB, SISTAR, 4 Minute, G.NA and BEG. [first free kpop concert of the year]

  • Gathering with them awesome uni mates before the sem ended! 

  • Yanni's surprise birthday celebration 

  • Attended this 30 Hour Famine volunteer training @ HELP during exam period (seriously...)

  • Haze, haze everywhere. 

  • Good food after our final paper. The end of first year in university! YAY!!

  • Gathering cum farewell for Steve who was flying off to Australia

  • AIA K-pop concert. G.NA, 4 minute & Beast [second free kpop concert of the year]

  • Discover scuba diving with PADI in the swimming pool. The feeling when you can hear nothing but your own breathe in the water (Y)

  • 2D2N trip to Penang

  • Met up with the dearest cousie and spontaneously planned for something crazy to do together one week later (which will be revealed later). 

  • Our third 30 Hour Famine. 90 hours down! (it was not fun joining as volunteers because the BOD was so so bad. Worst experience with HELP so far)

  • The spontaneous and crazy thing I did with cousie. Drove all the way to Port Dickson to have McD because the environment was pretty good! Oh btw, it's the farthest I've drove to so far :p

  • Gathering with the beloved 4K/5K mates! 

  • Gathering with my favourite college girls *hugs*

The second half of the month was crazy, literally CRAZY. Had 2 assignments and 1 presentation due right after CNBLUE's concert. With pre-concert and withdrawal symptoms, I could not really sit down and concentrate on my studies - everything was in a total mess! You will only understand if you have encountered the same situation before, so please don't judge. But thank god I managed to pull it through with pretty good results ;)
p.s: Travelled to KLIA thrice within a month!
  • Went to KLIA to welcome CNBLUE because I thought it was the only chance I get to see them this near for the tickets I got (cheapest and farthest). Got trolled by the securities and guards for multiple times, had to run here and there just to see them. The crowd practically went crazy when the Boys came out from an unexpected exit. . p.s: special thanks to Cathssy, Tine and Fatty for the company! 

Was this close to them I almost died!

  • 24th August, 2013, a day that I could never forget. Cousin sis was out of budget and I needed someone to go with me, so we had no choice but to get the cheapest tickets. I felt really really sorry for them, especially for myself. You could not imagine how desperate I was to see them. Until the concert day itself, after trying so hard, we managed to get Rock Zone tickets after going through so much of hard work (including selling tickets to someone I did not know at all, who came all the way from Ipoh). It was seriously one of the happiest moments in my life!! 
  • CNBLUE started off their concert with "Where you are". Tears started to drop within the first 10 seconds of the song, and I looked very much like a 'michinnyun' (crazy woman). I couldn't care less, because that's how I felt - so touched, so happy to have this dream came true, after more than 3 years of waiting. Yes, you can call me crazy for this and I don't really mind. Went totally crazy that night to listen to their music LIVE and to see the boys, especially my Yonghwa oppa THIS (vvvv) near. 

Thank you CNBLUE for making my dreams come true.Words couldn't describe how much I love you guys and thankful I am. Please come back soon!!!
정말 감사합니다! 계속 힘내세요~!! 또한 자주 오세요~! 씨엔블루 화이팅!!
(p.s: the withdrawal symptoms were pretty bad)

  • Amei's birthday celebration the my dearest two :*

  • Farewell and sent Cathssy off to Sabah to further her studies. Take good care of yourself girl, miss you heaps!! 


  • Farewell dinner with fatty 

  • Sending fatty off to UK! Another member flying off~ (the third time @ KLIA within a month)

  • Macroeconomics field trip to Bank Negara

  • Attended Monash Annual Ball with these awesome mates that we've just met. Everything was pretty good that night, the committee did a good job I can say. 

  • 2D1N trip to Cameron Highlands. Finally got to visit this place again after 9 years! The last time was primary school trip when I was in standard 5.

  • Oh, I've finally joined Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) this semester. Was assigned to teach at refugee school with other 4 volunteers. Initially I was quite reluctant to take this job because I thought I am not good at handling kids. I was wrong, those kids melted my heart with their enthusiasm to learn. It was a really good experience (except the parts where I had to be a 'floating teacher' teaching different classes every time, I didn't get to know the kids better). I will definitely join this program again! :) AND, joined rock climbing club as well! It was pretty fun climbing the wall :)

  • SWOT week a.k.a study week. Spent the whole week 'camping' in the library with them, at the same spot (I've never been this hardcore)! 

  • Submitted our prom photos to MonGa and got published! Just thought of making it a memorable one haha :)

  • Year 2 Sem 1 finals commenced! My exam timetable was pretty good this time round, with really big gaps in between papers (needed extra efforts to sustain the momentum). The photo below was taken in our favourite hangout spot, library, before our last paper at 1.30pm, on the 20th. So gonna miss this place next sem!

  • BBQ party with the crazy uni mates right after our last paper. This bunch of crazy friends, only met them towards the end of semester. Should have met them earlier!

  • Super Show 5 @ KL. First time seeing Super Junior this near from rock zone and they're pretty good! [third free kpop concert of the year]

  • Went to renew passport alone. Was surprised with how effective their new system was. It was very crowded that morning (all thanks to school holidays) but it took only 2 hours for the whole process. 

  • Road trip to Malacca with uni friends. Planned to catch sunrise at PD before heading to Malacca, thus we planned to leave at 5.30am. We were late due to some reasons, ended up watching sunrise in the car, and someone actually hit a flying bird on the highway wtf damn epic (still feel like laughing as I am typing this LOL). Sorry bird, we totally didn't see you coming :( This road trip was definitely not a typical one, we did not eat all the Malaccan food (still thinking about my coconut milkshake) We did some crazy things such as: playing drinking game in the afternoon while it's raining, catching 2 movies back to back (got free tickets for another movie. Tell me who go all the way to Malacca to watch movies?), eating crab at Seremban for dinner and drinking session from 11pm to 4am. Literally a 24-hour road trip, one of the craziest days, ever. Big thanks to the 2 drivers! Below is the photo taken by YeeLyn with recording function when we were wondering how she's gonna take photo with a....hidden controller? (so cute!)

  • Medical check-up for Visa that I was applying. Oh, did I mention my application for intercampus-exchange has been approved? Okay, I did now. Hehe! Couldn't describe how I feel with words to receive the confirmation email from the coordinator during exam period. Thank you Shen Min Men *bow*! And thank you Yanni for the great companion *hugs*

  • Summer school started! It's pretty fun, especially the part of making new friends :) In case if my selfie has been missing for too long in this blog: a picture of me taken after my individual presentation, while stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Mini gathering with Sishiong who's back from Singapore......for a few days. Spent 4 hours talking about almost everything. The photo below is dedicated to Cathssy, who's currently in Sabah missing out the fun :p

  • Last minute Christmas plan with the single ladies! Had a great dessert date @ Alexis, Bangsar :)

  • Hair makeover after more than a year with Yanni and Tine (like what they do in gossip girls). Finally! Spent 5 hours in the saloon getting our hair done. Thank you and hope the two of you enjoyed the moments! 

  • New year countdown with the uni friends. Everything was the same, DPC was crowded as usual, the only different thing was this gang of new people. No doubt that they're a fun bunch to play with, wished there were more girls though haha! I think I am kinda immune to this 'mandatory' annual new year countdown thingy that I had (almost) no feelings at all, bad thing huh? 

Been spending new year eves with different gangs of people for the past few years, and overseas last year. Different people, different experiences. Hope to spend my new year eve counting down with YFs in 2014!

Overall, 2013 was pretty good - 2 island trips to Koh Samui and Phuket, and the part when I finally got to watch CNBLUE's concert after waiting for 3 years. University life was not too bad, but gotta work harder to achieve better results. Also, tried to smile more during second semester (so glad that friends realized this!), stepped out of my comfort zone and met more new people. A good start I would say :)

"New year, new me". Nah, not going to say this. I am still who I am, and will remain as who I am. I did not write down any specific new year resolution for 2013, it is a little bit difficult to measure how far I've gone this year. So, I am working on my 2014 new year resolutions now. Hope everything will be good in 2014!

Ending this flashback 2013 post with a picture of firework. Happy new year everyone! May everyone of you stay healthy and happy always!

Signing off 2013, 
Ken Ke. 

Brace yourself,
more challenges are coming up in 2014.
You can do it!